Ali Reza Farahmandi
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Dr. Ali Reza Farahmandi is one of the best doctors in Tehran

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Personal Biography

Dr Ali Reza Farhamandi specializes in Royal College of England in the field of men and women.

All hand, arm and leg surgeries, including permeable problems, correctional procedures, sports injuries, lacerations, medical and topical injuries, actions related to nerve and ball paralysis, joint interventions (arthroplasty) and related actions can be performed by any of these injuries. I have been introduced to the world according to the latest shopping methods. It should be noted that the number of people who already have a lower number in the field of hand tests (glass buying alliance) is very low in Iran.
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Axillary nerve palsy

Axillary nerve palsy is a neurological complication in which the axillary nerve collapses with the collapse of the arm, weakens the deltoid muscle and causes a weakening of sensation in the lower extremities.

Ten elbens

This type of shock disease causes tension and health pain in the areas outside the elbow, and in fact, in this disease, the tendons and tendons of the elbow become thinner.

Shoulderivika felq

Frostbite is one of those problems that occurs on the wrist, and this problem is due to the weakness of the joint capsule of the wrist, in fact this type of disease creates thin bands in the capsule of the capsule.

Album distribution

When the soil of the elbow joint is removed, the vegetable is separated, which can be whole or in part. If the dislocment is partial, there is no need for a doctor. In perfect combination, the elbow joint is completely detached.

A broken shoulder

Shock shock absorbers can have different parts. Shock fractures most often occur in people with osteoporosis who are deficient in vitamin D or calcium.

Claw steals

The joint of the friend consists of three bones in the collarbone, the scapula and the joint of the friend. Because the hand joint is engaged in a variety of movements, the joint joint is one of a kind of fracture.

Calcium storage in the hand

Calcium storage is greater in the posterior tendons because calcium accumulation causes local weakening of the tendons, which is painful even though it has nothing to do with calcium.

Maternal paralysis

In some infants, extension of the upper extremities during labor can damage the neural network of the upper extremities, resulting in paralysis of the infant from the upper extremities (e.g. a sword, which is a very sensitive companion).


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Frequently asked questions

1My hand hurts, do I need to see a specialist?
Joint joints have a remarkable mobility, so they are more common than other joints. The shoulder pain may be minor or severe. If you are in severe pain, it is best to see a specialist.
2Can daily activities be performed after the activity?
The hand is one of those centers and it is very dangerous, now you can perform your daily activities according to the doctor's instructions after the activity.
3Does the masseur improve hand pain?
Sometimes hand pain can be controlled with a form of massage therapy.
4Excessive use of urine causes damage and support?
Most people today do their job with the computer, and excessive consumption of urine causes pain in the muscles and joints.