On the authority of Drs. Ali Reza Reza Farhamandi

Dr Ali Reza Farhamandi specializes in the Royal College of England in the field of menopause and weakness. All hand, arm and leg surgeries, including permeable problems, correctional procedures, sports injuries, lacerations, medical and topical injuries, actions related to nerve and ball paralysis, joint interventions (arthroplasty) and related actions can be performed by any of these injuries. I have been introduced to the world according to the latest shopping methods. It should be noted that the number of Fellowship in Surgery Shoulder surgery in Iran is very low. Most people who claim to be experts in hand testing do not have this level and are only orthopedic specialists. The best way to identify this problem is to look at the referral site of the Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which will come with the option of Associate in Shoulder Surryry option with the number of people receiving it before this minute. recognition. It is clear that the rest of the advertising sites that some people identify as subscribers are not completely reliable.