آگوست 2, 2020
شکستگی استخوان سر بازو

Fracture of the humerus

Injury of the humerus Soldier’s bones are fractured by accidents such as accidents, falls, injuries due to injuries, falls from heights, and so on. Whether this […]
جولای 29, 2020
علائم شکستگی شانه

Symptoms of a shoulder fracture

A person with a fracture has more shoulder pain when he moves his shoulder There is a serious impairment in shoulder function and it cannot be […]
جولای 28, 2020
شکستگی مفصل شانه

Shoulder joint fracture

Shoulder joint fracture As you know, fractures of the shoulder joint can occur as a result of injuries such as accidents, falls from heights and که, […]